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    Dumbbell Weight Set - 12kg

    Our fantastic 12kg dumbbell weight set will get you the results you deserve! Whether your workout is in the gym or at home, our 12kg dumbbell weight set is essential for the optimum workout. Tone and strengthen your arm muscles by making these dumbbells part of your regular fitness routine. Our…

    $29.95 Hurry, Only 1 Left

    2kg Dumbbells Pair

    Get yourself in great shape in the convenience of your home! Make our 2kg dumbbells pair a part of your regular exercise routine. The dumbbells are small but mighty! They can easily be stored away and kept within arms reach and ready for use at any time. Save time and money by focusing your workout…

    $24.95 Hurry, Only 1 Left

    5kg Ankle/Wrist Weight Straps - 2 x 2.5kg

    Add these 2 x 2.5kg weight straps to your ankles or wrists for extra resistance during your next training session, cardio workout or fitness class to build strength and tone up. You can even wear them as you go about your day running errands or doing chores around the house to make everything you do…

    $23.95 Hurry, Only 2 Left

    Doorway Chin-Up/Pull-Up Exercise Bar

    The Doorway Chin-Up and Pull-Up Bar has the power to turn any standard doorway into a personal gym for your upper body. This piece of equipment is designed for chin-ups, pull-ups and hanging leg raises, which are great exercises for your back, arms and abs. There are several different padded grips…


    10kg Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weight Straps - 2 x 5kg

    Push your fitness into overdrive with the Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weight Straps. Enhance any workout - from weight training to yoga to cardio workouts - by strapping extra weight to your wrists or your ankles for added resistance. You can customise the added weight from 1kg to 5kg per strap (total of…


    Xpeed Legend Mens Weight Lifting Gloves

    The Xpeed Legend men’s weight lifting gloves provide protection and comfort for tough weight training. They deliver a distraction-free fit with lycra webbing to reduce irritation. You stay protected from abrasions thanks to a leather palm with gel padding so you can commit to your weight training…