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    Mizuno Crossmatch Plio Rx4 - Mens Table Tennis Shoes

    The Mizuno Crossmatch Plio Rx4 men’s table tennis shoes meet the demands of eager players looking to lace up in the freshest technologies for an edge over rivals. An EVA midsole offers a snappy sensation and the cushioning underfoot reduces fatigue so there’s nothing to weigh down your focus. The…

    $139.95 $129.95 Spend & Save $20-$60 OFF

    Mizuno Drive 8 - Mens Table Tennis Shoes

    The Mizuno Drive 8 men’s table tennis shoes give you a barefoot-like experience – allowing your feet to flex naturally so you never miss an opportunity. These all-rounders set you up with an EVA midsole for a snappy sensation to fly on indoor surfaces. You get a balance of cushioning and stability…

    $179.95 $169.95 Spend & Save $20-$60 OFF