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    Wilson Ultra UL Squash Racquet

    The Wilson Ultra UL squash racquet has a whippy, manoeuvrable frame for snap decisions on the court. It features an ultra-light design without compromise to power, keep your arms feeling fresh and energised. Attacking players can push back their opponent with the blend of Countervail and teardrop…

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    Asics Gel 540TR - Mens Cross Training Shoes

    The Asics Gel 540TR men’s cross training shoes are perfect if you love jumping between sports and need a versatile all-rounder. They’re ideal for taking your fitness to the court and give you a supportive and stable ride. You can be a pro at your sport with the combination of a SpEVA Lasting 55…

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    Dunlop Precision Pro 130 Squash Racquet

    The Dunlop Precision Pro 130 squash racquet is the go-to for advanced players seeking laser-sharp precision in every shot to outwit and outplay opponents. Stability technologies translate to unrivalled control – so you can expect more from your court weapon and play harder without hesitation.…

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    Head Graphene 360 Speed 135 Slimbody Squash Racquet

    The Head Graphene 360 Speed 135 Slimbody squash racquet allows power and speed to work in harmony without weighing you down. This aerodynamic racquet partners well with advanced players and features a specialised slimbody shape. This allows you to perform swift cuts through the air, with the…

    $239.95 $229.95

    Sunwise Evenlode Sports Sunglasses + 4 Lens Sets

    The Evenlode Sports Sunglasses are part of Sunwise's Sports and Outdoor Interchangeable Lenses Range. Available in white with orange and yellow features, black, pink with purple or blue with white and red features, frame options to suit your taste. These sports glasses come with a pack of four…


    Mizuno Ghost Shadow - Mens Indoor Court Shoes

    The Mizuno Ghost Shadow men’s indoor court shoes wrap your feet in a DynamotionFit bootie construction for snug comfort and a natural feel. Ideal for competitive play, the midsole geometry is engineered for lightweight cushioning without compromise to stability. Rearfoot cushioning perforations…

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    Lotto Jumper 400 - Mens Court Shoes

    The Lotto Jumper 400 men’s court shoes are your go-to for squash and indoor court sessions with breathable mesh panels to keep your feet light and airy. You get a supportive and comfy ride with a plush collar to lock in the fit. The gum rubber outsole offers indoor court specific traction so you can…

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    Salming Viper 5 - Mens Court Shoes

    The Salming Viper men’s court shoes pack agility and speed into a low-to-ground profile for an unrivalled feel of the court. A lightweight 3-layer ViperSKIN upper delivers court-ready stability and support. The interior mesh layer at the base allows your feet to breathe as you outwit and outplay…

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    Head Revolt Mens Indoor Court Shoes

    The Head Revolt men’s indoor court shoes provide a fast, close-to-court feel and are hard-wearing for aggressive play. The synthetic leather and mesh upper delivers a breathable and durable blend of materials. Coupled with the innovative Head Cooling system and 360 degree ventilation, the Head…

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    Salming Hawk - Mens Indoor Court Shoes

    Innovative tech at an entry-level price, this model of the Salming Hawk men’s indoor court shoe is the ideal match for novice squash players. It strips back on non-essentials to let you dip your toes into the sport without having to break your budget. You get a blend of performance and comfort from…

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    Salming Kobra Mid 2 - Mens Court Shoes

    Fresh off the shelves, the Salming Kobra Mid 2 men’s court shoe shares the iconic style of the original 2016 Kobra coupled with functional design tweaks to improve your court experience. The 'Mid' model provides a boost in stability and comfort with a higher upper construction and extended lacing…

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    Halo II SweatBlock Headband

    The Halo Headband II is a favourite choice for the gym, running, cycling or playing sport and keeping active while keeping sweat away from your eyes and face. It all begins with the amazingly lightweight and durable design, topped off with an abrasion resistant, comfortable fit that can be worn…


    Wilson Specialist Heather Girls Tennis Tank Top

    The Wilson Specialist Heather girls’ tennis tank top is stylish and comfy for your little athlete. This racerback design with scoop neck gives her excellent freedom of movement. To manage moisture as she plays, the tennis tank features nanoWIK technology that draws sweat away from her skin to keep…

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    Head Prime Squash Ball

    Designed for high level players, the Head Prime squash ball is superior quality and provides unrivalled control for the court to maximise performance. This premium design has excellent durability and is perfect for hitting tournament after tournament. - Double dot


    Head Extreme 135 Squash Racquet

    The Head Extreme 135 squash racquet is a great option for club players seeking a comfortable all-rounder to improve play from all corners of the court. It sheds weight off the 145 model for a whippy, manoeuvrable weapon. Innegra technology is woven into the racquet. This intuitive hybrid-composite…

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    Wilson Hammer Lite Squash Racquet

    The Wilson Hammer Lite squash racquet gives you a massive sweetspot in an ultra-lightweight package. Keep all eyes on you with the bold colour contrast and modern look. It’s the perfect squash racquet if you love to conquer the competition with explosive power. Power Holes in the head allow for…

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    Wilson Match II 3 Pack Tennis Racquet Bag

    The Wilson Match II 3 Pack tennis racquet bag has an ultra-lightweight design and sporty vibe for heading out to the tournament. You get a massive main compartment for storing up to 3 tennis racquets. It's a breeze to keep your essentials organised and easily accessible in the front accessory pocket…

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    Sub4 Low Rise Sock - Twin Pack

    The Sub4 Low Rise Sock. COOLMAX yarn ensures comfort and breathability. - Great value twin pack - contains two pairs - Assorted colours Size: Small (35-38) Medium (39-42) Large (43-46)


    Salming Hawk - Mens Indoor Court Shoes

    A legend reborn, the 2019 Salming Hawk men’s indoor court shoes are your secret weapon for total court-domination with a close-to-ground profile and an energetic ride. An optimal blend of stability and agility elevates your court performance. The 4-layer upper engineered with air mesh allows heat…

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    Zamst Wrist Support Band

    The Zamst Wrist Band provides moderate support to stabilize the wrist joint by offering compression and support to the carpal bones. The dual straps are designed with i-Fit technology, which provides the user with an individualized fit and enhanced compression. Grip Tech (anti-migration) also…

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    Unsquashable Aero-Tec Squash Racquet

    Packed with the latest innovations from Unsquashable, the Unsquashable Aero-Tec squash racquet injects your court weapon with a blend of control, power and comfort. It meets the demands of all playing styles and player levels and has a durable design for match after match of outplaying your rivals.…


    Grays Blademaster Squash Racquet

    The Grays Blademaster squash racquet has a power-driven design with a combination of a broad beam and long strings. Complete with a Hypercarbon construction, this durable squash racquet is ready to elevate your on-court performance. - Ideal blend of power and durability - Hypercarbon construction -…


    Grays Merlin Squash Racquet

    The Grays Merlin squash racquet is a popular beginner-friendly option to sharpen your skills on the court at an affordable price point. The hi-modulus graphite construction creates a strong and powerful racquet to cater to the needs of entry-level to intermediate players. Weighing in at 160g and…


    Grays Superlative Squash Racquet

    The Grays Superlative squash racquet makes a return to the Grays line-up after a decade, putting power and control back in your hands for 2019/20. The Superlative meets the demand of aggressive playing styles. Crafted with Grays Advanced Fibre Technology system, it puts revolutionary Japanese…


    Grays GT Squash Eyewear

    The Grays GT squash eyewear keeps your eyes protected on the court and is certified by the World Squash Federation. This anti-fog eyewear stays put for zero distractions during play and includes an extra nose piece and strap. - World Squash Federation (WSF) approved eyewear - Sleek, comfortable…


    Wilson Ultra Triad Squash Racquet

    You’ll never want to let the Wilson Ultra Triad squash racquet out of your hands with its swinging power, comfort and modern technologies. Wilson’s patented Triad frame technology cuts back on vibrations for a clean, crisp feel. Power Hole Grommet technology enlarges the sweetspot and increases…

    $179.95 $149.95 Buy 2 at $129.95 each

    Head Extreme 145 Squash Racquet

    The Head Extreme 145 squash racquet is well-matched to club players and weighs in as the heaviest option in their power lineup. This creates a user-friendly blend of control and stability for entry-level players. It comes loaded with a striking colour-blocking paint job to turn heads at your next…

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    Grays Blue Dot Squash Ball

    The Grays Blue Dot squash ball delivers easy playability for novice players and juniors to improve their skills. Compared to single or double yellow dot squash balls, it offers higher bounce – so rallies can last longer more easily to minimise interruptions to your training. - Ideal for entry-level…


    Head Microgel 125 Squash Racquet

    The Head Microgel 125 squash racquet is perfect for intermediate to advanced players seeking futuristic technologies to take their performance to the next level. You’ll love the super lightweight for moving naturally and for smooth handling. The innovative MicroGel technology offers a superior low…

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    Head Microgel 145 Squash Racquet

    The Head Microgel 145 squash racquet is a popular design for all players seeking a powerful strike. The innovative MicroGel technology offers a superior low density from the special silicone-based construct. You get an amazingly responsive squash racquet from the balanced blend of MicroGel and stiff…

    $199.95 $159.00 Buy 2 at $155.00 each

    Wilson Hammer Team Squash Racquet

    The Wilson Hammer Team squash racquet provides the ultimate blend of control and power for your next winning streak. Head Size: 472.3 sq cm / 73.2 sq in Weight (unstrung): 197g / 6.9oz Balance: 325mm / 12.8in String Pattern: 14/19


    Dunlop Precision Elite Squash Racquet

    The Dunlop Precision Elite squash racquet gives you a balance of power and control and is the favoured weapon of World Champion Gregory Gaultier. At 500 sq cm, the enlarged head size and conventional head shape provides effortless control and a generous sweetspot, making it forgiving on off-centre…

    $229.95 $179.95

    Unsquashable Response 120 Squash Racquet

    The Unsquashable Response 120 squash racquet puts cutting-edge frame geometry and high durability in your hands to conquer the court with response, power and precision. Unsquashable caters to the demands of the world’s leading player and paves the way to improve your performance on the court with…

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    Grays Millennium 140 Squash Racquet

    Returning to the market to elevate your play, the Grays Millennium 140 squash racquet is one of the best-selling options from this top racquet manufacturer. This versatile court weapon caters to a multitude of players with an optimal balance, weight and strength. It features Fusion-tac grip for a…


    Grays Ninja 140 Squash Racquet

    The Grays Ninja 140 squash racquet has been re-designed with a fresh paint job and partners well with entry-level to advanced players seeking a power and control-driven frame. A popular choice since 2005, this tennis racquet has a long history of supporting players as they climb the ranks. The long…


    Head Graphene 360 Speed 135 Squash Racquet

    The Head Graphene 360 Speed 135 squash racquet is the heaviest weapon in the Speed family and an awesome option to amplify stability for the back court player. Liven up your play with modern Graphene 360 technology, allowing explosive energy to be transferred into every shot and creating the…

    $209.95 $199.95 Buy 2 at $189.95 each Hurry, Only 1 Left