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    Mizuno Wave Sky 2 - Mens Running Shoes

    The Mizuno Wave Sky 2 men’s running shoes are your go-to for flying over the pavement with top-of-the-line cushioning and a luxurious feel. In its latest evolution, Mizuno have included a fresh upper with AeroHug technology to sculpt to your foot with just-right stretch, enhancing fit and your…

    $239.95 $149.95

    Mizuno Wave Sky 3 - Mens Running Shoes

    The Mizuno Wave Sky 3 men’s running shoes turn hard road surfaces into cloud-like comfort. An engineered mesh upper creates a precise, stretchy fit so the running shoes feel natural on – never bulky or restricting, so you can float over the kilometres with ease. A first from Mizuno, this model…

    $249.95 $212.95