Volkl Cyclone Tennis Reel

    The Volkl Cyclone tennis reel is perfect for transforming your tennis racquet into a spin demon with zero sacrifice to durability, control or speed. Power your shots with incredible spin using this gear shaped string made with high quality co-polymer. It's a pleasure to play with!

    $159.95 $119.95

    Wilson Revolve Tennis Reel 200m

    If you love to dominate with plenty of spin, the Wilson Revolve tennis reel is the ultimate choice. It delivers explosive power at no loss to comfort and is constructed from Crosslink Ester polymer. You get a serious edge on the court with the snap-back characteristics provided by the unrivalled…


    Wilson NXT Tennis Reel 200m

    The Wilson NXT tennis reel is in a league of its own among synthetic strings with performance and playability similar to natural gut. It even looks and feels like natural gut string. This soft string provides excellent dampening properties and high durability for the court.

    $409.95 $349.00

    Head Reflex Tennis Reel 200m

    The Head Reflex 1.30mm tennis string reel offers a blend of power, touch and comfort. It features a solid multifilament construction fused with a soft and flexible PU resin. This translates to an arm-friendly string that reduces vibrations on impact for a cleaner and more comfortable hitting…

    $319.95 $229.95

    Volkl V-Star Tennis Reel 200m

    The Volkl V Star tennis reel is an ultra-durable option in Volkl’s high quality string range and features a thicker diameter compared to its competitors. It provides an excellent balance of control, feel and spin. It’s engineered using a co-polymer matrix to create a softer feel than standard…


    Head Lynx Tennis Reel 200m

    The Head Lynx tennis reel is a great new option in the Head monofilament string lineup and features a special co-polyester makeup. It delivers superior precision and a softer response compared to a standard poly. It’s the perfect weapon for players that perform with speed and longer swings. Although…

    $229.95 $179.95 Hurry, Only 1 Left

    Volkl V-Feel Tennis Reel 200m

    The Volkl V-Feel tennis reel is the ultimate choice if you're seeking consistent performance and excellent tension maintenance from a multifilament polyamide construction. This is achieved by the special bonding process to ensure a greater area is filled by fibres rather than bonding resin. For…


    Luxilon Alu Power 1.25 Tennis String Reel

    The Luxilon Alu Power 1.25 tennis string reel is a favourite string for the Pro Tour with its spectacular blend of spin, control and power. This popular choice is perfect for all skill levels, offering a great partnership for big hitters and string breakers. Cool huh! Using high tech methods and a…

    $449.95 $339.95 Hurry, Only 1 Left

    Luxilon Element 1.25 200m String Reel

    The Luxilon Element 1.25 200m string reel is perfect for big hitters seeking a blend of spin and control and is one of the softest strings available from Luxilon. It’s a go-to option for intermediate to advanced players seeking precision and comfort and solves the issue of high shock experienced…

    $299.95 $289.95 Buy 2 at $279.95 each Hurry, Only 3 Left

    Wilson Revolve Spin Tennis Reel 200m

    Engineered for maximum spin, the Wilson Revolve Spin tennis reel features a unique pentagon shape so you can kick the intensity up a notch. It’s created from low-friction UHMW material for enhanced bite and snap-back characteristics.


    Head Velocity Tennis String Reel 200m

    Elevating your power and comfort, the Head Velocity tennis string reel has a unique construction to outplay your opponents on match day. This spin-friendly string features thicker filaments enveloping a multifilament core for explosive power and less energy wastage. The low friction coating allows…

    $259.95 $199.95

    Head Reflex Squash String Reel 110m

    The Head Reflex squash string reel is ideal for power-hungry players. This tournament-ready multifilament string features a nylon composition fused with PU resin for a comfortable hitting sensation. Reflex is a premium, arm-friendly string that elevates the explosiveness of your shots without…


    Luxilon 4G 1.25 Tennis String Reel

    The Luxilon 4G 1.25 tennis string reel produces incredible spin and power with every strike so you get more intensity out of less effort. You get excellent string strength and suppleness thanks to Luxilon’s poly-ether-ether (ALU Power) construction with nucleates. They’re engineered with a bunch of…

    $409.95 $349.00

    Luxilon 4G Rough 1.25 Tennis String Reel

    The Luxilon 4G Rough 1.25 tennis string reel gives you plenty of ball bite and string flex for a soft, forgiving feel thanks to the dented surface. These excellent strings guarantee Maximum Tension Maintenance from the innovative blend of materials and production method, so your swing is comfier and…

    $409.95 $349.00

    Luxilon Alu Power 1.30 Tennis String Reel

    The Luxilon Alu Power 1.30 tennis string reel integrates aluminium into the string to couple high playability with a blend of explosive power and control. ALU Power is the most popular string of choice for elite players on Pro Tour, putting consistent performance and a spin-friendly formula in your…

    $369.95 Hurry, Only 2 Left

    Volkl Cyclone Tour Tennis Reel 200m

    The Volkl Cyclone Tour tennis reel is an energetic option for big hitters and compared to the original Cyclone it delivers a softer response. This co-poly is perfect for the tour and is ideal for the advanced player seeking high playability, enhanced power and comfort. It features the same gear…

    $169.95 Hurry, Only 2 Left

    Volkl Power Fiber II Tennis Reel 200m

    The Volkl Power Fiber II tennis reel is a natural gut-like string for enhancing your performance. This multi-filament string ensures exceptional tension maintenance and is the ultimate choice for vibration and shock reduction. It delivers superb power and a great blend of control and durability.


    Head Hawk Touch Tennis Reel 120m

    The Head Hawk Touch tennis string reel is in a league of its own, featuring the innovative Head Crystal Core technology. The monofilament string has been produced from a revolutionary multi stage heat process and is the perfect weapon for high level players seeking incredible touch and a superb…


    Head Lynx Edge Tennis Reel 200m

    The Head Lynx Edge tennis reel is the ultimate choice for advanced players wanting unrivalled spin and precise control come match day. This modern shaped co-polyester string features 7 edges for a unique shape that increases the bite on the ball. It gives versatile topspin players an edge on the…


    Wilson Revolve Twist Tennis String Reel 200m

    The Wilson Revolve Twist 1.30/16G tennis string reel injects Wilson’s Revolve co-poly with additional spin to meet the demands of aggressive playing styles, at an intermediate to advanced level. The twisted string with three ridges delivers superior ball bite, allowing you to generate explosive spin…

    $219.95 $169.95

    Head Lynx Tour Tennis String Reel 200m

    The Head Lynx Tour tennis string reel has an innovative hexagon shape to cater to hard hitting players. Ideal for intermediate to advanced skill levels, this tennis string delivers controlled spin and a clean, crisp hitting sensation. Constructed from a new co-polymer formula, this monafilament is…

    $269.95 $229.00

    Luxilon Alu Power Rough 1.25 Tennis String Reel

    Love spin? The Luxilon Alu Power Rough 1.25 tennis string reel turns any tennis racquet into a spin machine. You get the performance enhancing advantages of the Alu power with the matching poly-ether-ether and aluminium blend, but with a rough construct. This gives you plenty of string flex for a…

    $449.95 $349.95 Hurry, Only 3 Left

    Luxilon Element Rough 1.30 200m Tennis String Reel

    The Luxilon Element Rough tennis string reel gives advanced players a winning edge on the court by modifying Luxilon’s Element Strings with a rougher texture at no compromise to the signature feel. This heightens the spin potential of your weapon, giving it extra bite for match day while minimising…

    $299.95 $289.95 Buy 2 at $279.95 each

    Babolat RPM Blast 1.25 200m Tennis String Reel

    The Babolat RPM Blast 1.25 200m tennis string reel is on the radar for players seeking extreme spin. It’s well-suited to big hitters wielding heavy weighted racquets that want no compromises to control or spin in a long-lasting package. The slick coating creates optimal main string movement. This…


    Ashaway Supernick XL 1.25mm Squash String Reel 110m

    The Ashaway Supernick XL 1.25mm squash string reel is a popular choice for its blend of power, control and spin. This durable nylon multifilament string amplifies your ball control with the textured surface, delivers an enhanced feel and excellent playability to excel at your sport. - Fusion of…

    $179.95 $139.95