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    Dunlop Precision Elite Squash Racquet

    The Dunlop Precision Elite squash racquet gives you a balance of power and control and is the favoured weapon of World Champion Gregory Gaultier. At 500 sq cm, the enlarged head size and conventional head shape provides effortless control and a generous sweetspot, making it forgiving on off-centre…

    $229.95 $179.95

    Sherrin Precision Football - Size 4

    Made in partnership with footy legend and AFL coach Mark Williams, the Sherrin Precision football allows you to refine your kicking skills and caters to women and young men of all skill levels. A synthetic rubber construction delivers game-changing features at an affordable price point. The…

    $39.95 Hurry, Only 2 Left

    Dunlop Precision Pro 130 Squash Racquet

    The Dunlop Precision Pro 130 squash racquet is the go-to for advanced players seeking laser-sharp precision in every shot to outwit and outplay opponents. Stability technologies translate to unrivalled control – so you can expect more from your court weapon and play harder without hesitation.…

    $229.95 Buy 2 at $199.95 each