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    Babolat My Grip Overgrip Refill Bag - 70 Pack

    The Babolat My Grip overgrip refill bag lets you play in comfort with a soft and tacky feel and textured pattern to perform at your best. The assorted colours let you mix and match with your favourite racquets and with 70 overgrips included you’ll be prepared for anything. - 70 pack - Synthetic grip…

    $139.95 $129.95

    Luxilon Elite Dry Tennis Overgrip - 3 Pack

    Perfect for when the weather or competition heats up, the Luxilon Elite Dry overgrip absorbs moisture for enhanced traction on your tennis racquet. Don’t let sweaty hands drag you down. Perform at your best even when the humidity gets intense with the smart technology of these overgrips for a dry…


    Wilson Pro Tennis Overgrip - 30 Pack

    The Wilson Pro Tennis Overgrip gives you the grip of the pros, literally! Legendary tennis players like Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Justine Henin and Guillermo Canas (just to name a few) love the Pro Overgrip for the excellent response it delivers and superior grip. Made with microfibre…

    $89.95 Buy 2 at $85.00 each

    Head Tennis Prime Overgrip - 3 Pack

    When the competition heats up you'll be glad the Head Tennis Prime Overgrips are on your side of the court. They deliver superior sweat absorption by maximising the number of open cells present on the surface of the PU material as a result of a chemical reaction. Smart right? In short they give you…


    Head Tennis Prime Overgrip - 12 Pack

    The Head Tennis Prime Overgrips are perfect for sweating it up on the court. They manage moisture effortlessly with a chemical reaction that maximises the open cells of the PU material. It’s a clever way to keep you feeling dry and fresh while providing excellent grip against tough competition. - 12…


    Wilson Tennis Pro Overgrip - 12 Pack

    It’s no wonder why the Wilson Tennis Pro Overgrip is a best-seller, because it’s a favourite of touring legends Roger Federer and Serena Williams! It’s perfect if you’re seeking all-round performance with amazing grip and feel from the stretchy, ultra-thin felt (and seriously, who isn't!). Even…