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    Head Lynx Tennis Reel 200m

    The Head Lynx tennis reel is a great new option in the Head monofilament string lineup and features a special co-polyester makeup. It delivers superior precision and a softer response compared to a standard poly. It’s the perfect weapon for players that perform with speed and longer swings. Although…

    $229.95 $179.95 Hurry, Only 1 Left

    Head Lynx Edge Tennis Reel 200m

    The Head Lynx Edge tennis reel is the ultimate choice for advanced players wanting unrivalled spin and precise control come match day. This modern shaped co-polyester string features 7 edges for a unique shape that increases the bite on the ball. It gives versatile topspin players an edge on the…


    Head Lynx Tour Tennis String Reel 200m

    The Head Lynx Tour tennis string reel has an innovative hexagon shape to cater to hard hitting players. Ideal for intermediate to advanced skill levels, this tennis string delivers controlled spin and a clean, crisp hitting sensation. Constructed from a new co-polymer formula, this monafilament is…

    $269.95 $229.00