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    Wilson Micro Dry Comfort Tennis Replacement Grip

    Ultra-soft with a thick foam backing, the Wilson Micro Dry Comfort tennis replacement grip brings a new meaning to comfort on the court and is an awesome choice to provide relief for tennis elbow. Sweat much? No problem because the innovative microfiber copolymer composite felt is super absorbent…

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    Babolat My Grip Overgrip Refill Bag - 70 Pack

    The Babolat My Grip overgrip refill bag lets you play in comfort with a soft and tacky feel and textured pattern to perform at your best. The assorted colours let you mix and match with your favourite racquets and with 70 overgrips included you’ll be prepared for anything. - 70 pack - Synthetic grip…

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    Wilson Cushion Aire Classic Contour Tennis Replacement Grip

    The Wilson Cushion Aire Classic Contour tennis replacement grip features a ridged design for an excellent feel and is absorbent and quick-drying thanks to the tiny perforations. You get superior grip of the tennis racquet to keep the control on your side of the court. Cool huh! Update your tennis…

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    Tourna Tennis Grip XL - 30 Pack

    Need grip? The Tourna Grip XL is a must have for tennis pros like Pete Sampras, so we bet you will love it. You get an ultra-absorbent overwrap grip, a design that’s easy to wrap on and thirty grips per roll. - 30 pack

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    Wilson Cushion Pro Tennis Replacement Grip

    The Wilson Cushion Pro tennis replacement grip gives you ultimate shock absorption from the thick, cushioned backing so you’ll never again feel like your arm is going to fall off at a critical moment. It’s the perfect choice to provide relief from tennis elbow, gives you a soft feel and exceptional…

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    GoZone Adjustable Hand Grip

    The GoZone adjustable hand grip strengthens your hand and forearm and allows you to customise tension to increase difficulty as your strength improves. Slip-free handles with an ergonomic grip ensure comfort during your training. - Hand grip workout - increases the strength of your forearm and hands…


    Pega Grip Crew Football Socks

    The Pega Grip Crew football socks cater to explosive and agile movement on the pitch with textured grip for a stay-put fit. This helps your feet and football boots move in harmony, without any shifting inside the boot. Zero distractions means improved performance for players of all levels. Mesh…

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