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    Regent Running Grass Spikes - 7mm

    Packet of 12 spikes (7mm) for track and field shoes. Extremely durable Stainless Steel spikes for use on synthetic track surfaces and grass surfaces. Recommended for competition use on synthetic tracks and for training as well due to the general stadium ruling of 7mm maximum spike length. Also can…

    $12.95 $11.95

    Regent Track & Field Running Replacement 12mm Grass Spikes - 12 Pack

    Packet of 12 spikes (12mm) for track and field shoes. These spikes when used in IAAF competition meets are only allowed in the High Jump and Javelin events. They are however very useful for those competing in handicapped grass track events and can give additional grip to those doing sprinting…

    $12.95 $11.95

    Regent Track & Field Running Replacement 9mm Grass Spikes - 12 Pack

    Packet of 12 spikes (9mm) for track and field shoes. This is the maximum length spike that is allowable by the IAAF in any event bar High Jump & Javelin where the maximum is 12mm, however most stadiums will in fact limit the length of spikes in competition & training to 7mm to lower the wear of the…

    $12.95 $11.95

    Wilson Tour Premier Grass Court Tennis Balls - Can of 4

    The Wilson Tour Premier grass court tennis balls are designed for play on natural and synthetic grass court surfaces. Bright yellow felt makes it easy to track the flight of the tennis ball during your next match or practice session. - Reliable performance and playability on natural and synthetic…

    $11.95 Buy 2 at $11.50 each

    Asics Track & Field Grass Spikes Replacement 9mm Pins - 18 Pack

    The most traditional type of spike, most notably coined as a Grass Spike. This type of spike is allowed on all surfaces in sizes up to 9mm, however some stadiums may have stricter rules and not permit the use of any spikes over 7mm. Very effective at gaining excellent traction on most surfaces and…

    $16.95 $14.95