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    VFuel Endurance Energy Gel - 32g Sachet

    The VFuel Endurance energy gel is a nutritious formula to provide a fast and easy top up of energy on-the-run. A quality product with a great taste – it’s ideal for boosting your performance during your endurance runs, race day and beyond. - Fuels endurance athletes with the energy they need to…

    $4.95 Buy 12 at $4.50 each

    Koda Energy Gel - 45g Sachet

    Koda Energy Gel is your fast-acting source of easily digestible carbs to replenish your energy on the run and get the best out of yourself. Each 45g sachet is chock-full of calories to fuel your active muscles and ward off fatigue - allowing you to go the distance or intensify the pace without…

    $2.50 Buy 24 at $2.25 each

    Maurten Gel 100 Energy Hydrogel - 40g Sachet

    Energy gel with a difference, the Maurten Gel 100 Energy Hydrogel is your all-natural, fast-acting and long-lasting formula to meet the demands of elite athletes. Unlike many traditional gels, it provides everything you want and nothing you don’t. It’s a biopolymer matrix with an optimal blend of…

    $4.95 Buy 12 at $4.75 each