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    Doorway Chin-Up/Pull-Up Exercise Bar

    The Doorway Chin-Up and Pull-Up Bar has the power to turn any standard doorway into a personal gym for your upper body. This piece of equipment is designed for chin-ups, pull-ups and hanging leg raises, which are great exercises for your back, arms and abs. There are several different padded grips…


    Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar

    The Randy & Travis Wall-Mounted Chin-Up Bar will give you maximum results in minimum time! The Randy & Travis Wall-Mounted Chin-Up Bar is solidly constructed and designed for optimum results. This handy versatile device is ideal for everyday use and is suitable for the home as well as the commercial…


    Chin Up and Dip Parallel Bar

    This great chin-up and dip bar stand will help you get the workout you want! This great equipment is a must for any home gym. This training station allows you to perform a wide range of body building exercises right in the convenience of your own home. This versatile stand is a great enhancement for…

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    AB Power Tower Dip Chin Push Up Home Gym MultiStation

    The Power Tower is a versatile piece of fitness equipment that will allow you to do a variety of exercises for both your upper body and lower body. And its compact footprint means it won't take up too much space. What can you do with the Power Tower? Chin-ups (closed grip and wide grip) and pull-ups…

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    Portable Doorway Chin Up Bar

    Great for most any doorway in the house, the Portable Chin Up Bar will give you the ability to do pull-ups, chin-ups, knee and leg raises, and more. It's ideal to increase your upper body strength in a quick and effective way, including the chest, arms, and abs. The heavy-duty steel chin-up bar is…


    Multi Purpose Punching Bag Bracket and Chin Up Bar

    The Punching Bag Bracket and Chin-Up Bar combines two great ways to get fit. And it can be yours at our everyday low price. This piece of fitness equipment is attached to brick or stone (hardware, speedball and instructions are included). You can use the padded grips for chin-ups, pull-ups, leg…


    Power Tower - Chin Up/Dip/Push Up/Leg Raise Tower

    The Power Tower is one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment you can own. Constructed from heavy duty steel, the tower can withstand your most rugged workouts with ultimate stability. The handles are designed for excellent grip and comfort while the back pad and padded armrests provide the…