Blackroll Running Box - Runner Training & Recovery Set

    The Blackroll Running Box runner training and recovery set gives you the tools you need to prioritise your recovery and injury prevention for the long haul – because elite runners and coaches know that recovery is just as important as training itself. Suitable for everyone from the entry-level road…


    Xpeed Contender Boxing Mitts/Gloves

    The Xpeed Contender boxing mitts provide lightweight protection and support to excel at your training. Made with a Polyurethane shell for durability and responsiveness, these boxing mitts are built to tackle tough training sessions without wearing out. An elasticated wrist strap reduces injury when…

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    Adidas Logo Patch Boxing Sports Cap

    Stay fresh, comfortable and protected from the sun with the Adidas Logo Patch Boxing sports cap. It puts your passion for combat sports on display with the embroidered Adidas Boxing logo front and centre. Climalite fabric offers dry comfort, transferring sweat away from your skin. Perforations offer…

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    Safety Skin Reflective Silver Skin Spread - Box of 12

    Shine on your next sweat session with the Safety Skin Reflective Skin Spread. It’s a unique reflective product that ensures you stay visible in low light conditions and offers quick and easy direct skin application. Run, hike, cycle and sweat up a storm anywhere, any time! It's a great option for…


    Asics Matflex 6 - Unisex Boxing/Wrestling/Martial Arts Shoes

    The Asics Matflex 6 unisex wrestling shoes help you climb to victory with a blend of stability and durability because like you, it's made of tough stuff. This versatile design is suitable for wrestling, boxing and martial arts – meeting the demands of elite athletes seeking to conquer on the mat. It…

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    Asics JB Elite III - Mens Boxing/Wrestling/Martial Arts Shoes

    The Asics JB Elite III men’s boxing/wresting/martial arts shoes have been engineered with the contribution of wrestler Jordan Burroughs, a four-time World Champion and two-time Olympic Champion. Built to tackle tough competition, the revamped upper provides enhanced fit and comfort from the…

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    Adidas 111 Boxing Graphic Shoulder Bag

    The Adidas 111 Boxing Graphic shoulder bag puts your sport-inspired passion on show with a bold black and white print. A main zip compartment lets you stow away your essentials to and from the gym or during everyday activity. An additional pocket creates a secure home for extra belongings. High…

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    Grays Racquetball Balls - Box of 12

    The Grays Racquetball balls are designed to meet the demands of Australian racquetball. Always keep a ball handy with this convenient box of 12. Each blue ball features contrast Grays logo as a seal of quality. - Crafted for Australian racquetball - Blue racquetball balls with Grays logo - Box of 12


    Head Tournament Squash Ball - Box Of 12

    The Head Tournament squash ball is constructed from an innovative rubber compound material for your next match. It increases ease of handling by bouncing higher and longer, so you can effortlessly command the court and maximise your performance. - Single dot - Box of 12


    Head Prime Squash Ball - Box Of 12

    Designed for high level players, the Head Prime squash ball is superior quality and provides unrivalled control for the court to maximise performance. This premium design has excellent durability and is perfect for hitting tournament after tournament. - Double dot - Box of 12


    Recoverite Replacement Clayflex Ice Gel Pack Kit

    Recoverite Replacement Clayflex gel pack kits are for amateur and elite athletes seeking quicker recovery and maximum comfort on the go without extra bulk. Recoverite are Australian sportswear experts, with a focus on ice compression system recovery sportswear to aid athletes of all levels. The…

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    Zamst ZW7 Back Brace

    The Zamst ZW7 Back Brace provides the strongest back support and dynamic stabilization for the lower back and pelvis. The Exo-Grid (Internal) has four panels to enhance lumbar stability, and Grip Tech material ensures the ZW-7 stays in place and doesn't slip during activities. The i-Fit technology…

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    Zamst ZW1 Pelvic Hip Brace

    The Zamst ZW1 pelvic hip brace delivers precise pelvic stability and hip compression to reduce your injury risk during strenuous activity. It prevents rotation of the pelvic joint with a supportive narrow belt that both stabilises and allows you to move naturally. Your pelvic brace stays put during…

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    Blackroll Blackbox Set - Foam Roller & Massage Ball Set

    The Blackroll Blackbox Set is the ultimate kit for athletes that don’t want to settle on just one self-massage tool but are looking to get the full treatment to release tension in sore and fatigued muscles. A must-have in your home gym, it brings together the popular Blackroll Standard Foam Roller,…


    Blackroll Blackbox Mini Set – Foam Roller & Massage Ball Set

    The Blackroll Blackbox Mini Set is your essential kit for self-massage of the arms, neck, shoulders, calves, feet and Achilles tendons. Providing relief from muscle tension, this mini set is ideal for throwing into your gym bag, travel bag or as a staple in your home gym for effectively providing a…