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    Babolat Pure Strike 16/19 Tennis Racquet 2020

    The Babolat Pure Strike 16/19 tennis racquet provides next gen technologies, responsiveness and razor-sharp control for aggressive players. C² Pure Feel fits seamlessly into the modern game – an innovative dampening technology to filter out vibrations on the fly. This translates to laser-focused…


    Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet 2019

    New for the 2019 tennis season, the Babolat Pure Aero tennis racquet offers a fast, aerodynamic frame for competitive players wanting to dominate with spin. Babolat have revamped the Aero series to produce the ultimate blend of control and pure feel for the modern game. Loyal Aero fans will benefit…

    $349.95 $319.95

    Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

    Give yourself a razor-sharp edge on the court and improved versatility with the Babolat Pure Drive tennis racquet - the next generation of an iconic model. This tennis racquet is the ultimate blend of control, speed and power with a modern colourway to turn heads. It sports Cortex Pure Feel, an…

    $319.95 Buy 2 at $284.95 each

    Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack Bag

    The Babolat Pure tennis backpack is perfect for hitting the court in 2017 and easily holds 1-2 tennis racquets and your equipment. It features a large main compartment at the back for stashing your favourite weapons on the court or a laptop. Another large compartment features an elasticised pocket…

    $99.95 Hurry, Only 3 Left

    Babolat Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racquet

    If you want the Pure Drive in a lighter version that still packs a punch, the Babolat Pure Drive Lite tennis racquet is it, and it's been revamped for 2018 with a fresh look and pro technologies. FSI Power technology provides superb power on your strikes and is forgiving on off-centre hits. It’s all…

    $319.95 $299.95 Hurry, Only 1 Left

    Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Backpack Bag

    The Babolat Pure Drive tennis backpack bag has a sleek, streamlined design that cuts back on bulk for comfort and ease of carrying. It features a spacious main compartment to fit all your gear for the court or gym. Your two favourite weapons can be transported safely in the padded racquet…

    $109.95 Hurry, Only 3 Left

    Babolat Pure Drive 110 Tennis Racquet

    The Babolat Pure Drive 110 tennis racquet has an oversized head at no loss of precision and teams up well with beginner to intermediate players with a slower swing. It is the lightest tennis racquet in the Pure Drive lineup, providing a blend of power and comfort without excess weight. FSI Power…

    $319.95 $299.95 Buy 2 at $289.95 each

    Babolat Pure Strike Team Tennis Racquet 2020

    In its 3rd evolution, the Babolat Pure Strike Team 2020 tennis racquet provides next gen technologies in a lightweight and fast stick. It stays true to the playability of the previous model, and caters to intermediate players seeking a fusion of power and control. C² Pure Feel fits seamlessly into…


    Babolat Pure Strike Lite Tennis Racquet 2020

    Weighing in as the lightest stick in the Pure Strike series, the Babolat Pure Strike Lite tennis racquet is ideal for novices and intermediate players to climb the ranks. With less weight to hold you back, this tennis racquet whips to the target with electrifying speed. This makes it a top pick for…

    $319.95 Buy 2 at $289.95 each

    Babolat Pure Drive 6 Pack Tennis Racquet Bag

    Keep your six favourite weapons protected and cruise to the court in style with the Babolat Pure Drive 6 pack tennis racquet bag. Engineered to meet the demands of serious players, this spacious bag features two main compartments. One comes with Isothermal Protection to keep your racquets and…

    $149.95 Hurry, Only 3 Left

    Babolat Pure Drive 12 Pack Tennis Racquet Bag

    The new Babolat Pure Drive 12 pack tennis racquet bag is perfect for the player that never wants compromise on comfort or performance. This extreme racquet bag has a massive amount of space, featuring two main compartments with Isothermal Protection to maintain optimal string tension, as well as a…

    $179.95 Hurry, Only 2 Left

    Babolat Pure Aero Super Lite Tennis Racquet 2019

    The Babolat Pure Aero Super Lite tennis racquet shares the characteristics of the standard Pure Aero but strips back the weight, making it an ideal transitional racquet for advanced juniors. It's also a favourite weapon for adults seeking an arm-friendly, manoeuvrable design with plenty of power and…

    $329.95 $279.95