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    HipS-sister Park City Sister Hip Pack - Black

    The HipS-sister Park City Sister hip pack is perfect for taking your life with you running, cycling or to the gym. It has pockets for stashing must-have items like your mobile, iPod, keys and cash, comes in a stylish range of colours and best of all, lets you move freely. Look, no hands! Features: -…


    Sub4 Running/Cycling Headband

    The SUB4 running/cycling headband has smooth roubaix fleece fabric, ensuring this headband is great for all cooler conditions. - One size fits all


    Salomon Trail Gaiters Low - Trail Running Accessory

    No way do you want a pebble in your shoe when you’re hitting up the miles on tough terrain (ouch!), but no worries because the Salomon Trail Gaiters trail running accessory are the perfect way to protect your feet. Designed to keep out debris with a great fit from the velcro external side closure…

    $49.95 $42.95 Hurry, Only 2 Left

    Tennis Grommets

    Tennis Grommets are the plastic strips around your tennis racquet which strings are strung through.

    $22.90 Buy 2 at $19.90 each

    Take-A-Look Cycling Rear View Mirror

    The Take A Look Mirror is perfect for increasing your safety when cycling, providing a clear view to stay aware of your surroundings and react accordingly. The frameless acrylic mirror has a simple, user-friendly design that pivots in three planes and allows you to fine-tune the angle. It is…


    Tourna Tennis Grip XL - 30 Pack

    Need grip? The Tourna Grip XL is a must have for tennis pros like Pete Sampras, so we bet you will love it. You get an ultra-absorbent overwrap grip, a design that’s easy to wrap on and thirty grips per roll. - 30 pack

    $99.95 Hurry, Only 3 Left

    Luxilon Alu Power 1.25 Tennis String Reel

    The Luxilon Alu Power 1.25 tennis string reel is a favourite string for the Pro Tour with its spectacular blend of spin, control and power. This popular choice is perfect for all skill levels, offering a great partnership for big hitters and string breakers. Cool huh! Using high tech methods and a…

    $449.95 $339.95

    Thermal Cycling Roubaix Booties

    Brrr…. it’s chilly out so don’t forgot your Sub4 Thermal Roubaix cycling booties to keep your feet protected against the elements. It’s the perfect way to cycle when the cold weather hits, providing immediate warmth to your hard-working feet. The flexible design is easy to put on and the lightweight…


    Proviz Classic Hi-Vis Running Vest

    The Proviz Classic Hi-Vis running vest improves your road safety day and night, so you never have to put a pause on your training. Ultra-reflective panels and elements allow you to be easily spotted by drivers and other road users, even at a distance. Breathable mesh fabric creates a non-restrictive…


    Wilson Pick Up Tennis Ball Tube

    The last thing you want after a match is to break your back chasing balls around the court but the Wilson Pick Up tennis ball tube is an awesome solution. All you've got to do is position the tube over the balls and that’s it! Emptying the ball tube is just as easy – tip it over and you’re ready for…


    Head Djokovic Tennis Vibration Dampener

    If Novak Djokovic gets the best results from the Head Djokovic tennis vibration dampener we bet you'll never want to be without it. The sporty button-style dampener fits the two mains strings to save you from shock on impact. This adds up to comfier, more focused play. - 2 vibration dampeners per…

    $11.95 Hurry, Only 3 Left

    Luxilon Alu Power Rough 1.25 Tennis String Reel

    Love spin? The Luxilon Alu Power Rough 1.25 tennis string reel turns any tennis racquet into a spin machine. You get the performance enhancing advantages of the Alu power with the matching poly-ether-ether and aluminium blend, but with a rough construct. This gives you plenty of string flex for a…

    $449.95 $349.95

    Head Tennis Prime Overgrip - 3 Pack

    When the competition heats up you'll be glad the Head Tennis Prime Overgrips are on your side of the court. They deliver superior sweat absorption by maximising the number of open cells present on the surface of the PU material as a result of a chemical reaction. Smart right? In short they give you…

    $12.95 Hurry, Only 2 Left

    Head Tennis Prime Overgrip - 12 Pack

    The Head Tennis Prime Overgrips are perfect for sweating it up on the court. They manage moisture effortlessly with a chemical reaction that maximises the open cells of the PU material. It’s a clever way to keep you feeling dry and fresh while providing excellent grip against tough competition. - 12…


    Babolat Vibrakill Tennis Vibration Dampener

    The Babolat Vibrakill tennis vibration dampener is a great way to prevent vibrations from affecting your performance on the court. It features a special anti-vibration system for comfort and shock absorption, and is quick and easy to clip between 6 racquet strings.


    Luxilon Element 1.25 200m String Reel

    The Luxilon Element 1.25 200m string reel is perfect for big hitters seeking a blend of spin and control and is one of the softest strings available from Luxilon. It’s a go-to option for intermediate to advanced players seeking precision and comfort and solves the issue of high shock experienced…

    $299.95 $289.95 Buy 2 at $279.95 each Hurry, Only 3 Left

    Wilson Revolve Tennis Reel 200m

    If you love to dominate with plenty of spin, the Wilson Revolve tennis reel is the ultimate choice. It delivers explosive power at no loss to comfort and is constructed from Crosslink Ester polymer. You get a serious edge on the court with the snap-back characteristics provided by the unrivalled…


    Wilson Revolve Spin Tennis Reel 200m

    Engineered for maximum spin, the Wilson Revolve Spin tennis reel features a unique pentagon shape so you can kick the intensity up a notch. It’s created from low-friction UHMW material for enhanced bite and snap-back characteristics.


    Wilson NXT Tennis Reel 200m

    The Wilson NXT tennis reel is in a league of its own among synthetic strings with performance and playability similar to natural gut. It even looks and feels like natural gut string. This soft string provides excellent dampening properties and high durability for the court.

    $409.95 $349.00 Hurry, Only 2 Left

    Proviz Reflect360 Unisex Running X-Vest

    The Proviz Reflect360 unisex running x-vest is made with ultra-reflective material to keep you visible from all angles. Perfect for runners, cyclists and lovers of the outdoors, this high vis x-vest allows you to train in low light conditions. Hit the road from dusk till dawn with this unique…


    Proviz Reflect360 Backpack Cover

    The Proviz Reflect360 backpack cover forms a reflective shell over your backpack to keep you safe and seen in the low light hours. This hi-vis material remains a subtle grey during the day, and by night its millions of reflective beads reflect light sources like vehicle headlights – making it a must…


    Babolat RPM Blast 200m Tennis String Reel

    The Babolat RPM Blast 200m tennis string reel is on the radar for players seeking extreme spin. It’s well-suited to big hitters wielding heavy weighted racquets that want no compromises to control or spin in a long-lasting package. The slick coating creates optimal main string movement. This…


    Head Velocity Tennis String Reel 200m

    Elevating your power and comfort, the Head Velocity tennis string reel has a unique construction to outplay your opponents on match day. This spin-friendly string features thicker filaments enveloping a multifilament core for explosive power and less energy wastage. The low friction coating allows…

    $259.95 $199.95

    Head Reflex Tennis Reel 200m

    The Head Reflex 1.30mm tennis string reel offers a blend of power, touch and comfort. It features a solid multifilament construction fused with a soft and flexible PU resin. This translates to an arm-friendly string that reduces vibrations on impact for a cleaner and more comfortable hitting…

    $319.95 $229.95

    Head Reflex Squash String Reel 110m

    The Head Reflex squash string reel is ideal for power-hungry players. This tournament-ready multifilament string features a nylon composition fused with PU resin for a comfortable hitting sensation. Reflex is a premium, arm-friendly string that elevates the explosiveness of your shots without…


    Lift Tech Olympic Bar Pad

    Your weight training essential, the Lift Tech Olympic Bar Pad lets you handle the weight without unnecessary discomfort thanks to the protective foam padding. Compatible with all Olympic bars, it’s a versatile and durable choice to keep you primed for your strength training sessions. - 15mm foam…

    $39.95 $34.00

    Blackroll Yoga Belt

    The Blackroll Yoga Belt is your go-to partnership for practicing yoga at all levels – supporting gentle stretching so you can focus on improving your flexibility, strength and relaxation. It can assist in performing challenging yoga poses, helping support the mobility of your muscles and smooth…


    Digi Sports DT1 Basic Stopwatch

    The Digi Sports DT1 basic stopwatch gives you all the basic features you need in a user-friendly package. Whether you're training up to beat your personal best on the track, setting an alarm for your power nap or keeping track of time as you’re soaking up the sunshine, this time-keeping buddy has…


    Digi Sports DT3 Countdown Stopwatch

    The Digi Sports DT3 countdown stopwatch is the perfect size to toss in your gym bag with extra features compared to the DT1. It's ideal for keeping track of your training time and personal best to beat, adding another dimension to your workout. Features: - 7 digit stopwatch - 1/100 sec with…


    Head Tournament Squash Ball

    The Head Tournament squash ball is constructed from an innovative rubber compound material for your next match. It increases ease of handling by bouncing higher and longer, so you can effortlessly command the court and maximise your performance. - Single dot


    Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet 2017/18

    Give yourself a razor-sharp edge on the court and improved versatility with the Babolat Pure Drive tennis racquet - the next generation of an iconic model. This tennis racquet is the ultimate blend of control, speed and power with a modern colourway to turn heads. It sports Cortex Pure Feel, an…

    $319.95 $239.95 Hurry, Only 2 Left

    Fiski Hunters Swimming Goggles

    The Fiski Hunters swimming goggles fit snugly to your face without leaving suction marks and love your eyes with soft cushioning, fog-free vision and sun protection. Ultra-comfy for teens and adults, you’ll love rockin’ your pair of Fiskis at the pool, beach and beyond. They prevent water from…


    Fiski Flyers Swimming Goggles

    The Fiski Flyers swimming goggles provide fog-free vision, eye comfort and sun protection for your open water and pool swim sessions. They’re a fun and practical option for kids, teens and adults – so whether you’re young or young at heart you’ll love rockin’ your pair of Fiskis. They prevent water…


    Fiski Flyers Swimming Goggles

    The Fiski Flyers swimming goggles provide fog-free vision, eye comfort and sun protection for your open water and pool swim sessions. They’re a fun and practical option for kids, teens and adults – so whether you’re young or young at heart you’ll love rockin’ your pair of Fiskis. They prevent water…


    Dunlop AO Tennis Ball

    Designed especially for play on hard court surfaces, the Dunlop AO tennis ball is the official ball of the Australian Open. This premium tennis ball will be used in the first Grand Slam tournament of 2019 and is incredibly durable for intense training and competition. The AO tennis ball is built to…

    $13.95 $12.95 Buy 3 at $12.50 each

    Fiski Flyers Swimming Goggles

    The Fiski Flyers swimming goggles provide fog-free vision, eye comfort and sun protection for your open water and pool swim sessions. They’re a fun and practical option for kids, teens and adults – so whether you’re young or young at heart you’ll love rockin’ your pair of Fiskis. They prevent water…